Librarian Breakdown: Free Speech and Censorship in the age of Trump

I keep hearing from people on the right, that the left is trying to censor them and that we are really the ones who are against freedom of speech. So I will put my librarian hat on again and break this down for you.

If someone says something you say is racist, misogynistic, homophobic, etc. that is also free speech. You are not being silenced. You are being criticized just like you are criticizing the left for being snowflakes, cucks, communists, whatever. Learn the difference. This is a very important distinction.

I also see a lot of confusion regarding freedom of speech vs. giving everyone a platform. I could request different universities give me the opportunity to discuss my theory that snails are aliens or that we should deport all left handed people, but none of them are obligated to give me a platform. However I would be free to write about my alien snail theories all over the Internet and stand on random soapboxes on university property and give speeches about how left handed people are ruining this country and must be removed.

Imagine for a minute that you run a high-traffic blog. What articles go on your blog? Whatever you choose! It is your platform. You have every right to dismiss my request to publish an article about alien snails.

I also hear people claim that Simon & Schuster dropping Milo Yiannopoulus was censorship. I believe he has the right to free speech, but again that doesn't mean everyone is obligated to give him an outlet for his views. When a big publishing house like Simon & Schuster decided to give him an outlet, everyone else had a right to exercise their free speech in opposition to their choice. Milo can still publish his book. He will likely decide to self-publish and is probably researching the best way to go about that right now. He will still sell lots of books because there are plenty of people out there that like the hateful things he says. Will libraries buy copies of his book? Yes, some of them will, especially if they have patron requests for it. Libraries also own books like Mein Kampf and the shit Ann Coulter writes. He is not being censored, he is being delegitimized--which he helped do to himself when he gave a radio interview glorifying pedophilia.

Also, I have a good feeling that any libraries that buy his book will have concerned citizens that just so happen to walk off with them and accidentally drop them in dog poop or a firepit. It happens.